Help! My Cat Is Afraid of Me After Giving Him Medicine

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Cat Scared of Me After Medicine

You see when cats are subjected to something they dislike, it can make them apprehensive towards their owners. They may feel as though they’ve been let down or betrayed.

It’s not uncommon to observe significant changes in your cat’s behavior during such times, such as them hiding from you, hissing, and more.

But why do cats react this way, and what steps can you take to rebuild that precious trust you once shared? Stay with us as we explore the answers!

Why is Your Cat Scared of You After Giving Them Medicine

As a cat owner, you need to understand your feline friend’s reaction, even when it doesn’t make sense. According to some studies, cats have sensitive mouths and complex amino acid receptors that make them dislike medications.

Also, the medicines you give to your cat can trigger several reactions, such as:

  • Pain or discomfort: The medications you give to your cat may cause some adverse side effects. As a result, your cat gets afraid of you since they associate their discomfort with you.
  • Terrible taste: Let’s be honest. Not all medicines are created equal. We, too, dislike a certain medicine because of its unpleasant taste. So, your cat may feel the same way as you. As a result, they may get scared of you for days after you give them that bitter pill.
  • Previous experience: Sometimes, your cat’s behavior has nothing to do with you but rather with their past experience. If your cat has already had a terrible experience with medications, giving them meds can bring back those negative memories.

All this will cause discomfort for your cat. Thus, every time they see you, they will expect you to repeat the same thing, so they run away to avoid it.

How to Administer Medication to Your Cat Without Frightening Them

Cat hiding after giving them medecines

The best way to give your furry friend medicine without affecting the bond between the two of you is by tricking them. To do that, simply use one of the following strategies:

  • From my own experience, the best way I could give my cats their meds is by hiding them in their favorite food. Also, make sure the food has a strong scent enough to disguise the smell and taste of the drug. PS: before you attempt to use this approach, you should ask the vet if you can mix the drug with your chosen food.
  • Avoid being rough and hard with your cat. You’ll just end up with some scratches and bites!
  • Using pill pockets is another great way to trick your cat.
  • Prepare the meds away from your cat’s eyes.
  • Avoid letting your cat taste the medication with their tongue. Try to make them swallow it or drink it directly.

If nothing works with your cat, try to wrap them in a blanket to immobilize them, then give your furry friend the meds.

So How Do You Make Your Cat Forgive You?

All these previous actions can lead to your cat feeling uncertain and fearful, possibly making them upset with you. However, it’s a typical response, particularly when we go against our cats’ preferences.

If your furry friend is angry with you and avoiding your company, you can help alleviate their fear and rebuild their trust by following the tips below:

  • If your cat is behaving weirdly, like hissing or growling at you, give them the space and time they need to forget.
  • Try to cuddle and pet your cat and give them more love.
  • Rub your cat under the cheek (cats love this!).
  • Give your cat their favorite food and bribe them with some tasty treats.
  • Speak to your cat with a soft voice to calm them down and reassure them that everything is fine.


Our cats have feelings, too. They can get mad at us sometimes and also bear a grudge, but thankfully for a brief time. All you have to do in situations like this is try to adapt yourself to your cat’s childish behavior.

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