Why Does My Neighbor’s Cat Keep Coming into My House?

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Neighbor's Cat Keeps Coming into my House

Do you often find your neighbor’s cat at your house window, in your garden, or taking a nap on your couch?

Well, a lot of people reported the same thing. According to one study, cats tend to gravitate to people they communicate well with.

But this is not the only reason that drives them to act that way. In fact, there are several reasons why your neighbor’s cat keeps coming into your house. Let’s explore them together!

Why Does Your Neighbor’s Cat Come to Your House?

1. Cat’s Curiosity

Cats are curious creatures. Their instinct pushes them to scope out other houses’ smells and parts. That’s why cats visit their neighbors—to find new humans to get attention from and make new friendships with. They also do that to ease boredom.

Cats are also very territorial, so they want to ensure that there’s nothing around that could threaten their territory.

2. Looking for Food

Some cat owners make a big mistake by not giving their cats the right amount of food. Either they are unaware of their pet’s daily food needs, can’t provide enough food, or are scared to overfeed them. Either way, when a cat is not well-fed, it will likely look for food elsewhere.

3. Cat is Looking for Kindness and Care

Just like us, cats also have a wide range of basic emotions. Unfortunately, many cat owners aren’t aware of this.

If a cat is being treated poorly, is left alone for a long time, or is not cherished adequately, it will look elsewhere for someone who can fulfill both its physical and emotional needs.

4. The Cat has Adopted You

If you are warm and welcoming to your neighbor’s cat, it will gravitate toward you and adopt you as a new owner. That’s because cats look for affection, not just to fill their stomachs.

Cats will not hesitate to switch owners if they find a new, better source of food, care, and, most importantly, love.

5. Territory and Conflict

Cats are territorial creatures. Nevertheless, there are many things that could cause your neighbor’s cat to try to expand its territory, such as stress, a change in its environment, sexual maturity, and more.

It will claim your home as its territory if you do not have a pet. On the other hand, if you have a cat, your neighbor’s cat may start a conflict with it to assert its dominance.

Cats also act this way when they feel like other cats are getting too close to their territory.

How to Stop the Neighbor’s Cat from Coming to Your House

A cat in front of his neibghor door

If your neighbor’s cat is causing trouble, whether it fights with your cat, steals food, or uses your garden as a toilet, it is time to keep it away from your home. And you can easily do that by following the tips mentioned below.

  • Before you attempt to do anything, you should first communicate with your neighbor to investigate why his cat keeps coming to your house. Ask them if they feed it well, play with it, and so on.
  • Make sure to close the entry points in your house.
  • Don’t give it attention, don’t play with it, and most importantly, don’t feed it! Because, as they say, the way to a cat’s heart is through its stomach.
  • Put some tasty food in front of its owner’s house.
  • Use cat water guns or water sprays when you see the cat around.
  • Use physical barriers, like fencing, to deter the cat.

Frequently asked questions

1. Why Would a Cat Leave its Owner?

If the owner doesn’t spend time with their cat or doesn’t provide them with good living conditions, the cat will feel like they are being neglected or abandoned. And eventually, they will seek their needs elsewhere.

Cats are not just snobs that look only for food. They require attention, just like human beings do.

The best way to keep your feline friend from favoring someone else over you is to understand their behavior, even when they act silly.

2-How to Stop My Cat from Going to the Neighbors?

I know how it feels to see your cat choose a new best friend. That’s why I’ve brought you a few tips that will make him change his mind.

  • Spend enough time with your cat.
  • Make other household members engage with the cat.
  • Buy your cat many toys if you can’t provide enough playtime. This will keep them well entertained.
  • Give your cat more food (but not that much that makes it obese!)

The thing is, some people welcome their neighbor’s cats into their homes as long as they don’t pose a problem to their resident cat.

If that’s the case with your neighbors, ask them to stop welcoming and petting your cat.


Cats are creatures of habit. Once your kitty decides to visit your neighbor’s home and bond with them, it will be hard to get it back to you.

If you are a cat owner and you don’t want your feline friend to change you for someone else, make sure to be the best for it. Also, try to do your best to keep it indoors.

Avoid being careless or depriving it of other necessities. Treat it as if it were your child, and it will never leave!

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